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Malaysian Pudding 💕

1kg tub Strawberry with fruit pieces yoghurt
1 x 250 ml fresh cream
1 x tin of condensed milk
1 x tin of ideal milk (tin refrigerated overnight)
2 tins canned peaches (drained and chopped)
1 tin fruit cocktail (drained)
4 chopped bananas
1 small punnet strawberries chopped
1 red jelly (set and cubed)
1 green jelly (set and cubes)


With an electric hand held beater, beat your fresh cream for 2 minutes (not soft peaks)

In a separate bowl beat your ideal milk (must be chilled) until it’s foams to double volume.

Add in your cream and condensed milk and beat until it’s all well combined.

Add in your yoghurt, fruit and jelly and stir with a spoon.

Pour into a large bowl and the pudding can be served immediately.

For best results served chilled.

Enjoy 💕

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